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Productos uso domestico

Aluminium Foil

Our domestic aluminium foil is a high quality and highly resistant product that ensures maximum protection for food, always preserving its properties and freshness. It is particularly suitable for use in the home due to its easy handling, usefulness and efficiency.

Available sizes:

Length _____________________________ Width

8 m ________________________________ 29 cm
16 m _______________________________ 29 cm
20 m _______________________________ 29 cm
30 m _______________________________ 29 cm
50 m _______________________________ 29 cm
100 m ______________________________ 29 cm

* For other sizes, please consult us.

Transparent Film

Our transparent film for domestic use is a product with very high quality, resistance and adherence properties, ideal for covering, wrapping, insulating, preserving and protecting all types of containers and food, both for preservation and freezing, guaranteeing all the properties of the food as on the first day.

Available sizes:

Length ________________________ Width

15 m __________________________ 29 cm
30 m __________________________ 29 cm
50 m __________________________ 29 cm
100 m _________________________ 29 cm

* For other sizes, please consult us.

Oven Proof Paper

Our oven paper for domestic use is extraordinarily effective for use in the kitchen, thanks to its non-stick and impermeable properties it allows food to be cooked in ovens and microwaves, facilitating the quick, easy and clean removal of cooked food without the need to use any type of grease or oil. It is also ideal for storing food both in the fridge and freezer, facilitating their separation and avoiding contact between them.

Available sizes:

Length ___________________ Width

5 m ______________________ 29 cm
10 m _____________________ 29 cm
8 m ______________________ 29 cm

* For other sizes, please consult us.

Oven Bags

DOAL cooking bags are perfect for cooking and grilling all types of food (meat, fish, vegetables) in a healthy and tasty way without adding fats or oils, maintaining all the properties and flavour of the food.

You can freeze any type of food and then grill, cook or reheat in the same bag directly from the freezer (without defrosting) or fridge.

DOAL roasting bags can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C and can be used in both microwave ovens and microwave ovens, keeping them clean and odour-free at all times. 

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